The videos of the section Gletsch – Oberwald (22 August 2010)

DFB – The videos of the section Gletsch – Oberwald (22 August 2010)
DFB – Les vidéos de la section Gletsch – Oberwald (22 août 2010)

Le 12 août 2010 était enfin mise en service la troisième et dernière section de la Ligne Sommitale de la Furka entre Gletsch et Oberwald.
En voici enfin les vidéos !

On August 12, 2010, at least,  the third and last section of the Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway was unveiled between Gletsch and Oberwald.
Here are the videos!

DFB 02 – From Gletsch to Oberwald (1/2)
At 1:00 level crossing on the Furka road
At 3:20 note, on the right, the track after the exit of the helical tunnel and the bridge over the Rhone river.
At 3:40 the entrance in the helical tunnel
At 4:30 the cylinder tank filled with water from the mountain and which is used to feed the sprinklers arranged all along the line in the wonderful Oberwald forest.

DFB 03 – From Gletsch to Oberwald (2/2)
The crossing of the Oberwald forest.
At 0:30 the bridge over the Furka road.
At 3:30 the sprinklers all along the right side of the track which are used in case of fire in the forest.
At 4:47 a marmot runs on the green grass and hides int the stones.
Note the…… arrival over Oberwald which is the first village of the wonderful Goms valley. Then
the level crossing (with retractable cog) on the Furka road before the
final arrival at Oberwald station where Dampfbahn Furka Bergstrecke
(DFB) joins the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB) (Glacier Express).

DFB 04 – Level crossing with retractable cog at Oberwald (1/2)
The section Gletsch -Oberwald at least was opened on August 13, 2010 after quite 30 years of the association. A level crossing with retractable cog has been installed at Oberwald to cross the Furka road.

DFB 05 – Level crossing with retractable cog at Oberwald (2/2)

DFB 06 – On section Gletsch – Oberwald
The locomotive HG 3/4 DFB 1 Furkahorn, recovered from Dà-Lat Vietnam, pulls the train along the Gletsch – Oberwald section.
The bridge over the Rhone river and the twisting Furka road.
At 0:17 the train exits from the helical tunnel…. you can see the wooden doors of the helical tunnel.
At 3:14 the same traingoes up to …Gletsch.
At 5:21 the diesel Tmh 985 cog tractor follows the train to keep an eye in case of fire in the forest.

DFB 07 – From Oberwald to Gletsch

DFB 08 – At Oberwald station
At Oberwald station, the locomotive HG 2/3 no. 7 Breithorn maneuvers to be at the head of the train for the next departure to Gletsch.

DFB 01 – Diesel Locomotive HGm 4/4 from MGB at Gletsch
The Diesel Locomotive HGm 4/4 lent by MGB to DFB… arriving at Gletsch after passing the Furka pass.
Note the Rhone glacier at 0:10 behind the chapel.

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  1. Congratulations to all on re-opening through to Oberwald. Thanks for the great videos of the trains also. I look forward to travelling on the line, although its a long way from Australia where I live!

  2. Hello Greg… Thank you for your comment! I am glad you appreciated the videos… and that’s nice you appreciate our train from Australia!

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